Rapid prototyping system by Ecogenium

What is Atava ?

The Atava control system consists of custom designed, ready to run embedded controllers with an freeRTOS based firmware that makes development, operation and debugging of own soft- and hardware easy and fast. It handeles deterministing execution of code, CAN communication, cloud logging and more so the user can focus on implementing any kind of hardware and the required software. We started the development in summer 2022 and its currently used in the Hydraix 1 and Hydraix 2 hydrogen prototype vehicles.

NEW: Version 2.0 in development

New Controller:

  • CAN Isolation
  • Up to 3A 3.3V and 5V DCDCs
  • Smaller and lighter
  • CAN-FD support
  • Percise shunt measurement
  • USB-C connection
  • New BusConnector (to attach hardware that should be controlled)
  • Temperature sensor

Key updates:

  • New Control Interface: With the new control interface its possible to control, modify and debug the system while running via commands send to the CAN-FD interface.
  • LTE logging and controlling: The new “Debug Interface” can be connected to multiple controllers via the CAN-FD bus and loggs specified information to the cloud timeseries database with the help of MQTT. Its also possible to use the control interface remotely.
  • Upload tasks during runtime: To change the code running on the controller it does not need to reflashed completly. Updated code can be uploaded via the control interface.
  • Web UI: All of the features are available via the new Web UI that connectes to one ore multiple controllers via the LTE debug interface.

System features

Highly modular

BusConnector, Attach custom hardware, digital busses, task structure

Easy to use

Connect tasks, Ready to run simulink models, overwrite


MQTT cloud and local logging



Overwrite signals

Interested in the System ?

A part of the electrical team is currently working on the system. If you want more detailed information about the system, want to use it or are interested in joining the development, we are looking forward to get in contact with you.